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invest Pro ver 1.2.0

investPro is a complete portfolio management software with simple accounting.It will enable you to keep track of your share purchases and sales with maximum simplicity and ease. investProgives you control over your investment strategy by helping you understand how your portfolio is performing and ensure that your investment decisions are tax-effective. If you dread each March because of the hassels of filling Tax Return, you can breath easy. investPro generates all the information your accountant needs, viz. the taxation reports include detailed Capital and Speculative Gains/Losses for all the transactions.

Playing the stock market is a risky business but when you have the right information at your fingertips, the rewards clearly outweigh the risks. With investPro it couldn’t be simpler! This is a complete records management system that lets you fully understand the value of your portfolio and manage it efficiently. It will let you quickly see which shares you have available and the average price you paid for them. You can update your stock prices with one push of a button and get a detail view of your individual shares of entire portfolio position. The base cost-index of shares is accurately calculated. investPro understands the various Capital Gain Rules, and displays the calculations and results for the most favorable rule that applies in each case. The first thing you notice about investPro is the user-friendly interface that although appears very basic, is extremely functional & features all the relevant information of the stock markets without it becoming too cluttered.

Salient Features

User friendly, designed with ease of use in mind.
Holds all you share trading information (IPO, Buy, Sell,Delivery, Dividend, Bonus, Right, Split etc.) in easy to follow format (great during tax calculation time).
Intensive Stock reporting & valuation in LIFO / FIFO / High / Low / Average cost.
Export data as a comma separated text file to be use with other spreadsheet application eg. EXCEL.
In-built help – our powerful and in- built help system follows the principles setout in the procedure manual. Easy to use and understand wherever you are in the program, investPro will provided you the information you need to answer your questions or to help you through.
Calculate net worth.
Taxation calculations – Capital Gains, Speculative, Dividend income, other income, etc.
Individual Share & Industry-wise volume figures.
List of Scripts – NSE & BSE with ISIN number list.
Holding details with return %.
Backup & Restore of data. Import of data from other computers running investPro allows you with easy transportation of data. Auto backup ensures against data corruption and virus infection.
Easy online automatic stock portfolio prices update.
Monitors your entire stock portfolio’s performance and individual share accumulated (realized) profit /losses.
Contains calculators to work out the profitability of various buy/sell scenarios, anticipated profit on specific sales and various ratios.
Let your password protect your software.
Graphical representation of reports.
Financial Statement (ledger, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Cash/Bank Book, Cash/Bank Trial Report, etc) made easy.
Ratio Analysis.
Top Ten Scripts -Return % wise, Cost-wise, Market value wise.
DMAT statement details.
Share Base Index as per IT rules.
Import Data into Contract Note Entry from HTML, EXCEL, Text Doc. in a easy to use interface to eleminate typo-errors.

System Requirements

  • 1.5 MHz Processor or higher
  • SVGA graphics card (min.800 x 600 resolution)
  • 100 MB disk space (min. 50 MB for installation)
  • Internet connection (optional)


Win XP / Vista / Win 2000 / Win NT Server / Win Server 2003 or Higher


Family Edition
Product No. of companies Type Version Price (Excluding Taxes)
investPro (Single) 5 Entities Single User 9.0.0 2500*
investPro Family Edition 5 Entities Multi-user 9.0.0 4000*
Business Edition
Product No. of companies Type Version Price (Excluding Taxes)
investPro (Single) 10 Entities Single User 9.0.0 4000*
investPro Family Edition 10 Entities Multi-user 9.0.0 6000*
Corporate Edition
Product No. of companies Type Version Price (Excluding Taxes)
investPro (Single) Multiple Entities Single User 9.0.0 6000*
investPro Family Edition Multiple Entities Multi-user 9.0.0 9000*

*Terms & Conditions applied

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